परीक्षा पे निर्देश "गुरु मंत्र "
शिक्षक/शिक्षिकाओं की आवश्यकता-2024/25
Our Mission
Education is not a word it is a light which enlightened your children soul body and mind.
Children are like a rough diamonds, with a lot of hidden untapped potential. That's why we enhanced creativity, mental ability, passion and potential of students. We are truly backbone of the society because we always try to create environment for student to achieve their best skills and teach them valuable life skill such as communication, leadership, teamwork. Also trying to arouse the patriotism in their heart. 

So please join us and insure your child future for better society and world. 
We know education is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.
Thanks Jay Hind Jay Bharat
Smt. Latesh Prasad

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